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Functions and Capabilities  

How Can We Make The Management of Complex Spreads Easier?


Following decades of managing diving, ROV and welding spreads the Orca team believe we have done just that with the Launch of Equipment Manager. 


The Equipment Manager app builds on the Mobilisation Manager but tailored to spread management in place of a single more project focused approach of the Mobilisation Manager application. The following pages will give you a quick overview into the application, how it works and its real-world applications. 

Overview of Equipment Manager:


  • All your spread information in one place – certification, operations manual, PMS, P.O’s and any other electronic documents. 

  • Simple and easy to us user interface, optimised for low light and outdoor conditions 


  • Controlled access to your asset information, Admin, User and Viewers. Both within the app and the internet based viewer.  

  • Real time spread reporting via, iOS app, Equipment Portal, Email and SMS. Key events such as "equipment breakdown, commissioning or certification will generate an automatic notification to the project summary page.

  • Parent and Child relationship between component parts within the spread.


  • Multiple spread statuses can be viewed across a fleet in seconds.


  • Ability to upload project plans, Projects / Maintenance Periods, Mobilisation, Demobilisation tasks, PMS and or certification. 


  • Equipment Interactive Drawings – Users have the ability to upload multiple equipment drawings, which can be populated with the interactive highlights representing induvial items of equipment uploaded to the spread. This makes identification and updating easier as it is simply a matter of identifying items on the drawing and clicking on the back deck to access all the equipment’s information, including uploaded documentation and also update its status and generate a colour change and notification. 

In Depth Overview 

Equipment Management


Individual items of equipment can be uploaded to the Equipment section where user manuals, procedures, drawings and certificates can be attached to the relevant equipment, thus nullifying the need to carry paper copies on site.  


The parent / child function is available for equipment listing within the application which gives a structured breakdown of different parts of an Equipment system. 

Equipment Status


The status of each piece of equipment within the spread can be updated from the equipment page highlighting if the equipment is currently out of service, undergoing maintenance, breakdown / repair, certification or in-service. 

Equipment Tagging & RFID Technology


Want to check if all the required equipment has arrived at site?

This would normally require a visual inspection of all the items and checking them off against an equipment list or manifest. By utilising RFID technology Orca’s Management applications can scan an area up to 200m (powered RFID tags range) for all tagged equipment within range and return a list in less than 30 seconds. This allows easy identification of equipment as well as swift identification of items which have not made it to location, also miss identification is eliminated.


The system can also be used when packing containers and managing consumables using inexpensive RFID passive tags (unpowered) to allow stocktake activities to be undertaken

swiftly and accurately.

Interactive Equipment Drawings / Layouts


By utilising an interactive overlay, equipment can be marked up and status changed on Interactive drawings, equipment layouts and high resolution drawings at a swipe of a finger in addition to all the relevant documentation being associated with each piece of equipment stored in the Equipment section of the application.


Multiple layers of interactive pages can be added to the Equipment Overview section which gives a wide range of flexibility to adapt the application to various industries across the world markets. 

RFID Tracking in Action

By updating the equipment status on the interactive overlay, you transmit an instant visual update of the equipment status to the respective managers and stakeholders via additional tablet devices, mobile phones, PC’s or laptops using Orca’s Equipment Manager Portal function.

Work Scope


PMS & Certification


If using the application for equipment maintenance and certification the programme to be undertaken can be uploaded to the application work scope section by way of a “CSV” file.


The CSV file can then be viewed within the application showing each individual task that requires to be carried out along with the estimated start / finish dates and times for both maintenance and certification tasks. The operator has the option of raising a new project update on each completed task.  This way the operator can choose to send notifications to management on specific key tasks rather than low priority tasks.  

Real Time Communications


The value of all the ORCA applications is that they give immediate real time updates to the respective managers on current ongoing activities from worksites anywhere in the world as they happen.  


Changes in equipment status whether it’s made in the equipment or overview sections are automatically updated in the Summary page and backed up by an email or text message notification to the respective managers, thus ensuring immediate notification of the equipment / project status. 


In the event of unforeseen incidents or delays on a project the option for sending emails, non-conformance notifications or SMS messages direct from the on-site iPad is also available to the operator. 

When checking the arrival or departure of equipment from a supply base or worksite, the RFID scanner picks up the signal from each individual equipment RFID tag which in turn generates an updated notification status of the relevant equipment.  This is especially beneficial to equipment hire companies in updating records for equipment locations and hire status. 

Project Summary


The summary page as noted previously in this document collates all the information reporting updates   


Third Parties:  Third parties involved or engaged in the work scopes.

Weather updates:  Real time weather update from work sites

Emergency contacts:   List of contacts in case of emergency or support


The Summary page has been re-designed to give the below tab options.


1.    Project Updates:  

a.    Displays equipment status updates

b.    Project issues / updates can be raised separately and manually inputted to the system

c.    If the scope of work is weather dependant then it’s possible to include up-to date weather reports in the Project update section. 

d.    A full list of emergency contacts is available with email & contact phone numbers listed.


2.    Layout Updates:

a.    Any changes made to the status of equipment noted in the Layout drawing are listed in the Layout Update section.

b.    The status updates are colour coded so the current status is available to the users of the application and the portal option. 


3.    Draft:

a.    The Draft tab gives the operator the option to change the status of the project or work scope from draft, in-progress or completed.

The summary section gives the operator the option to note PMS & certification updates, crew / personnel rotations, handover notes, delivery of stores and incident reports.  


All the above gives the user the flexibility to cover many options that arise during the working day but most of all it gives you the capability to record all activities on a project timeline. 

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