Mobilisation Manager

Functions and Capabilities  

Tagging and RFID:


Want to check if all the required equipment has arrived at site? 


This would normally require a visual inspection of all the items and checking them off against a equipment list or manifest. By utilising RFID technology Orca’s management applications can scan an area up to 200m (powered RFID tags range) for all tagged equipment within range and return a list in less than 30 seconds. This allows easy identification of equipment as well as swift identification of items which have not made it to location, also miss identification is eliminated. 


The system can also be used when packing containers and managing consumables through the use of inexpensive RFID passive tags (unpowered) to allow stocktake activities to be undertaken swiftly and accurately. 

The below video shows how easy the scanning and tagging process is to undertake onsite, the video was taken onsite for a tier 1 client in Lerwick June 2017. 

Interactive Back Deck / Equipment Layout Drawing:


Interactive drawings, equipment layout and high resolution drawings by utilising an interactive overlay equipment can be marked up and statuss changed at a finger swipe, in addition to all the associated documentation being associated with each piece of equipment.

Equipment and Task Lists:


Each item of equipment can be added into the project and then managed across multiple users, allowing engineers to add documentation and procedures with logistics and supply chain to add manifests and other information. Which is then always available against this equipment through the IOS application and project desk top viewer.  


Each item can be associated against a RFID tag to allow easy tracking by utilising the applications in-build RFID scanning capabilities. 


For the Dry Docking application, the equipment changes the Equipment list to a Task list, with the same features as the Equipment list in the Mobilisation application.

Project Plan:


Project planning is now a fundamental step undertaken for the even the smallest of scopes in the oil and gas industry. To allow the Orca applications to fully integrate into these existing systems all the applications allow upload of existing Gantt charts by  way of a CSV upload.  Alternatively, a project plan can be constructed within the app by adding individual tasks. 


The project plan is updated as tasks are completed and new updates added. At a glance the users can see the current state of the project as well as any tasks which are slipping behind schedule and take immediate action to remedy. As this happens in real time preventive and restorative action can be taken earlier than would be possible using the traditional methods. 

Issuing Updates:


One of the unique functions of the Orca suite of applications is the ability to automatically send project updates in various ways which helps keep the project stake holders involved and informed as the project progresses.  Project updates can be issued as equipment statuses are updated, tasks are completed, weather updates, project milestones as well as non-conformances arise.  


During the project set up phase the client can decide who gets updates and what type, SMS, email based or both. As the instructions are notifications and handled within the application only updates which the user deems worthwhile are issued to members of the project team, thus ensuring each client can tailor the amount of email and or SMS’s issued to the team and clients. 

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