Orca's Dry Docking, Equipment and HRF Management Suite of Applications

Application Overview:

Orca’s Management applications are tailored to their specific requirements, Mobilisations, Dry Docking and Equipment Management. Nevertheless, their core functionality is based on the same structure and functions, which have been put in place to both streamline the monitoring process as well as replacing several existing procedures and processes by bring them into the 21st century with cloud and collaborative working.

Orca Applications Unique Selling Points:

Knowledge – Real time updates through email, SMS and Client Portal

                  Control – Project Plans and Equipment Status Tracking through RFID technology

                             Efficiency – Accountability, Daily Reports and Documentation Library available instantly

Application Development - Why Did Orca Develop The Suite of App's ?

Through Orca Subseas operation teams extensive experience in project mobilisations, dry docking and equipment management we noticed the same failures were often highlighted in lessons learned, communication failures, 3rd Party Contractors, deficiencies in prior planning and accountability of support departments. In addition, the reliance on information from daily reports which are often only compiled and communicated to project managers, directors and department heads long after the events have taken place. Also the dreaded email or late night phone call asking for advice or permission to proceed with a course of action without fully knowing the current status and thus the full impact of your decision is something every project manager or head of department is familiar with. The Orca team decided to embark on a plan to remedy solutions for these common problems and the concept of the Orca Management applications was born.


Key Aspects:



Tracking / Timeline



Efficiency Savings (saving of 1-3 hour per 48hr mobilisation)

Lessons Learned (identification of possible efficiency changes)

Control and Communication with stake holders (Client, Site Manager, Project Manager, Engineers, Buyers ect)

Download the app brochure for more information contact Orca at info@orcasubsea.com

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